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No matter if studying for a master’s degree in management, have recently graduated, or have been working in the field for years, situations that you have never dealt with before are sure to arise. Before you bother your own manager or make a rash decision, why not look up the answer from someone who has been in the same mess? Although the internet can turn up a number of Wiki-answers for just about everything, there are reliable sources of information.

To help, we have gathered the top 30 management forums and message boards. They are frequented by everyone from students to the CEO and have loads of real life experience to draw from.

Top Management Forums

These forums have the manager in mind in a wide variety of fields.

  1. About Management
    The About.com site is great for a variety of topics, including management. Check out this forum for topics for new managers, careers in management, and many more. The main site is also not to be missed for expert blog entries and videos.
  2. Manager Tools
    Visit here for a popular podcast on management. The site also includes this forum which has discussions on recent episodes, book reviews, FAQ, and much more. There are also podcasts in French and German.
  3. Open Forum
    Not a traditional forum, it is still an essential stop for managers nonetheless. It is sponsored by American Express and intended for those in small business but has infinite help for anyone in management. Current hot topics include “What I Learned From a Mouse With Big Ears” and “13 Business Leaders who Failed Before They Succeeded.”
  4. My CCL
    The Center for Creative Leadership is a non-profit who has been helping managers grow as professionals for years. Joining the community connects you to over 19,000 others across the world with relevant leadership resources and connections. There are also many articles and news on the homepage.
  5. MBA Depot
    Those with an MBA and a management career will appreciate these forums. There are discussions on both the academic and practicing side of management. You can also utilize their knowledge center, networking tools, and even school options.
  6. Workforce Management
    These forums are provided by a magazine of the same name. Topics include benefits and compensation, HR career, legal forum, and others. Visit the homepage to check out articles, blogs, and various channels on management.
  7. The Risk Management Society
    Learn all about the world of risk management at this online community. Create your profile to begin discussions or simply click on the one you would like to read more on. The site also has libraries, a directory, and even a risk management glossary.
  8. The Leadership Hub
    This community is dedicated to the leaders of the world. There are three years’ worth of pages of leadership tips, insight, conversations, wisdom to be found here. Choose from the forums or the blogs to get started.
  9. 12 Manage
    Stop here to join this worldwide management network. You can discuss the topic with a variety of managers, consultants, and even academics. There is also loads of reading on topics from change to supply chain.
  10. The CEO Refresher
    Sick of reading and ready to start writing? Then visit here to see how you can become one of the many contributors to this network. Those who have an interesting take on leadership are always welcome.

Top Management Message Boards

These message boards and other networks have even more for managers.

  1. The Informal Network for Managers
    Get a relaxed approach to management over at this site. They ask the question “what do you want from them?” on a regular basis. Resources include blog posts, discussions, and even surveys.
  2. Managing and Leading Others
    It is no secret that Monster.com has loads of forums on every topic imaginable. This one is especially for those working in management. Current discussions are on managing without authority, interpersonal skills, and things to not say to your boss.
  3. Expert CEO
    Get message boards just for Chief Executive Officers here. Recent topics include commission, credit reports, and pricing strategies. They also offer a spotlight and knowledge base.
  4. Business Forums and Message Boards
    Get loads of tips on all aspects of business with a visit here. They include money saving tips, credit forums, and even a few distractions. There are also boards for various career areas such as art, computers, and health.
  5. Young Entrepreneur
    If you are new to the management game, stop here. They have loads of tips for those just starting out on a career such as code of conduct and buying or selling a business. There is even a special spot where you can send in a question to an expert.
  6. The Passionate Entrepreneur
    These message boards are powered by Yahoo and have loads of visitors. Professionals stop by to discuss everything from starting your own business to email marketing. Stop by to check out the latest, or post your own query.
  7. Entrepreneur Connect
    These are forums are part of the larger Entrepreneur.com site. They have loads of posts, comments, and more. Be sure not to miss the Opportunity Finder with more.
  8. HR Management
    It is no secret that just about every manager has human resource questions. Check out these message boards from HR.com to get entries just for managers. You can also find blogs, webcasts, and more on the topic.
  9. Personnel Today
    Similar to the above, this message board is for managers with human resource issues. Check out the latest discussions, which currently include training and withholding pay. The main site has much more.
  10. Leadership by Example
    In another entry from Yahoo, check out how to lead by example in these message boards. You can learn about topics such as selling, benefits, and more.

Top Specialty Management Forums & Message Boards

These manager forums and message boards are for a specific type of manager.

  1. IT Management Forum
    Information technology managers will appreciate these forums. Sponsored by Datamation, they have many discussions on IT related topics such as security and intranet. You can also use the site to get news, expert columns, and much more.
  2. Information Technology Managers Forum
    If you have a LinkedIn account, stop here. Simply sign in to check out the group dedicated to the communications and sharing of information between IT managers. It is also an emerging technologies and systems management focus group created for the unsung heroes of the Age of Technology.
  3. The Project Manager Network
    Visit here for a leading group of project managers online. The main page greets you with the most recent and popular discussions. You can also learn more about promotions, jobs, and other related topics.
  4. Project Management Knowledge Base
    Stop here for another forum just for project managers. Current topics include the PMP exam, how to meet a project target, and the basis of a schedule. They also have software and book reviews on the topic.
  5. Gantthead
    This online social network is especially for IT project managers. Users can upload their info, profile, and more onto the site to connect with others in their field. The main site is also not to be missed for its blogs, downloads, and other tools.
  6. Retail Sucks
    Are you a manager in retail? Then check out these forums for loads of stories, true life humor, and more. There is even this specialty forum for managers.
  7. Internet Sales Managers Community
    Make a page here to connect with other managers in internet sales. They also specialize in those who deal in car sales. Get tips, blogs, videos, and more with a visit.
  8. Small Business Forum
    If you are a manager in a small business, this forum is a must. Active discussions are on everything from franchising to raising capital. There are also tips for starting and maintaining a business.
  9. The Small Business Community Forums
    Similar to the above, this site is all about owning and operating a small business. They have specific sections such as home business and import/export, as well as tips for marketing and advertising. You can also find business news and statistics on the site.
  10. Construction Manager Forum
    Learn more about becoming and working as a construction manager in this forum. The latest threads are on the value of accreditation and day labor hiring. The main site has much more for the construction manager.

As well as help on average salary for managers and scholarship and grant information, you can find loads of relevant discussions on the above top 30 management forums and message boards along with a place to post questions of your own.

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