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Master’s in Human Resources (HR) Management

The practice of human resources management is often one of the most under-recognized facets of a successful organization. Containing elements of risk management, legal compliance, and an strategic alignment with the firm or organization’s forward vision, human resources managers are the first line of defense in ensuring that employees work effectively and collaboratively – and within all company rules and legal guidelines.

Career Opportunities with this Degree

As one of the most diverse master’s in management offerings available, the master’s in human resources management can fall under the master of business administration, master of science, or master of arts heading, with some programs focusing on global human resource management, others on functional human resource management, and yet others as an MS in leadership, with a specialization in human resource leadership. Opportunities as human resource managers are expected to rise at a rate must faster than the average. Job growth is expected to reach as high as 22 percent in the year approaching 2018.

Jobs & Salaries with This Degree

While all dealing with human resources, corporate training, and personnel allocation, there are a number of specific opportunities available for those who successfully graduate with a master’s in human resources management. Training and development specialists and managers are the largest group currently employed, with recruitment and placement specialists and compensation and benefits specialists and managers to follow. Generally, the median annual wage ranges from $86,000 to $96,000.

Requirements for Earning this Degree

While there are subtle differences between the MBA, MS, and MA offerings, each typical master’s in human resources management degree, each requires prospective students to hold a bachelor’s degree before beginning their advanced degree program. Each also deals with relatively similar core curriculum, such as human resource metrics, negotiation and conflict resolution, budgeting and resource allocation, foundations of human capital development, benefits and compensation, performance management, and more.

Master’s in Human Resources (HR) Management Degrees (MBA)

Management Masters & MBA Degrees

Walden University
MS: Management
MS: HR Management
MS: Sustainable Mgmt
MS: Project Management
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Walden University: Walden University's MS in Management program offers many specializations which personalize the degree according to students' interests and professional needs. The MPA program in Public Management & Leadership focuses on information employees in the public sector most need to know to move up, whereas the MS in Accounting & Management and MS in Project Management programs combine specialized knowledge with sound leadership practices.
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Liberty University
MA: Mgmt & Leadership
MS: Management
MS: Sports Management
MBA: Intl. Management
MA: Human Services Mgmt
Liberty University: Liberty University's Master of Arts in Management and Leadership program, and the MS in Management, Sports Management, International Management, and Human Services Business Management programs all emphasize ethical management practices, and help improve students project development abilities, preparing them for career advancement. Graduates are able to go on to careers as business owners, finance managers, human resource managers, among other high level management positions.
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Kaplan University
MS: Management
MS/Mgmt: HR Management
MS/Mgmt: Leadership
MS/Mgmt: Org. Dev.
MS: Supply Chain Mgmt
Kaplan University: Kaplan University's MS in Management offers students the chance to specialize in subjects that specifically relate to their professional goals, like Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Organizational Design & Development, Leadership, and Human Resources. The program focuses on the most effective management strategies as well as the practical knowledge students need have every day on the job.
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Ashford University
MBA: Project Management
MBA: Environmental Mgmt
MBA: HR Management
MBA: Supply Chain Mgmt
MBA: Global Leadership
Ashford University: Ashford University's MBA programs are offered with a selection of more than a dozen specializations, including Project Management, Environmental Management, HR Management, Supply Chain Management, and Global Leadership. All MBA students learn to integrate sustainable business strategies and sound economic principles with knowledge of their specific industries. Ashford U is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission, 985 Atlantic Ave, Ste 100, Alameda, California 94501, (510) 748-9001, wascsenior.org.
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