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As a manager it is natural for you to be tired of number of projects provided to you and the difficult deadlines as provided you to complete those tasks within permitted time limit. And sometimes you feel yourself indeed in an irritating position for project being in the incomplete stage and condition. That definitely develops an urge in you to handle things by an effective time management. By following some time management tips you not only make your life much easier but also better tuned to managerial skills working in your favor. You can have following tips in your favor as to become a better manager by employing some tips and measures in under your discretion.

  • Make preference list for your tasks: You should devote some of your time in listing all your tasks for the day as it can save you out from wasting time over unnecessary and unimportant tasks. This way you would be able to devote your time to most important and necessary task for you.
  • Share your duties:  In case you are finding a task or job to be much difficult or over burdening then in such a situation you can pick up a to-do list and even can pass on that job and task to other persons that you feel are suitable to do that jobs.
  • Give Time to More Quality Work: As you have decided what are the quality tasks and what are irrelevant on you’re to do list, hence you can share upon or devote more of your time of rather on quality work and duties.
  • Divide your time consuming tasks:  o9m Break large, time-consuming tasks into smaller tasks. Work on them a few minutes at a time until you get them all done.
  • Concentrate over time that you are spending over a task: You should evaluate over time that you spend over a job or a specific assignment. Manage a dairy about every important schedule or task that you overtake and calculate how better you are performing over it in respect to time and quality of work as provided by you.
  • Take rest whenever required: Whenever, you are working at office you need to organize yourself in a better and appropriate manner and taking break during work should be one of those efforts. Have a walk and do some more stretches at your workstation and spot of working. If necessary take a vacation of a day and then after rearrange yourself.
  • Plan you’re every day:  Spare some of your time in planning the day so you can have better control over you and can accomplish your daily tasks naturally and in better manner. Daily, prepare a to-do list and keep the most important task on the top of the list. This would help you to keep you away from last minute rush.

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