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By management in all business and human organization we understood from the activity of collecting people to attain or fulfill a goal. Management consists of planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization for achieving a goal and a person handle the entire organization is known to be as a Manager. Below is provided an interesting list of most famous managers of present age.

  1. Jeffrey Immelt (General Electric): He succeeded Jack Welch as CEO of General   Electrics in September 2001 and makes an incomparable impression upon GE’s culture and strategy. And he did all this for the company aftermath of September 11 attacks and shaky economic environment.
  2. Steven Reinemund (Pepsi Co): He made soda and potato chips to be mark of success in contemporary world of corporate competition. However Steven S. Reinemund made it more of Pepsi Co Inc a purveyor of junk foods; he made pepsi to $27 billion food and beverage giant as PepsiCo adds more than 200 product variations to its global portfolio of brands.
  3. Hector Ruiz (Advanced Micro Devices):  As president and chief executive of Advanced Micro Devices he is known to as Mr. Fix it. Under his president ship he gave stiff competition to the rival company Inel Corporation from AMD’s hot selling Opteron server and Athlon 64 desktops and he made an agenda for next generation PC designs.
  4. Anne Mulcahy (Xerox): Anne Mulcahy when joined Xerox in August 2001 then at that time company was reeling under tremendous pressure as was charges from Securities & Exchange Commission over accounting practices and the biggest problem faced by the company was in $14billion in debt. However she made sharp staff and business cuts and brought new chief financial officer and stabilized the company and put down debt to around $9.8 billion.
  5. Phil Knight (Nike):  He stared his career from selling Japanese sneakers from the trunk of his car. And took nearly 40 years to make it $12.3 billion sports conglomerate.  During 1980s and 1990s he completely changed the rules of the games for sports marketing. Next he changed high performance sports gear into a fashion statement.
  6. Chung Mong Koo (Hyundai): When in 1999 Chung Mong Koo joined South Korea’s largest car making company, Hyundai Motor Co.1999, he had not much idea about his achievements in the company and tasks to do further on. However, to the latest update to the quality he put Hundai as equivalent to Toyota.
  7. Henning Kagermann (SAP): It is required for good manger to have smart thinking and crisp execution and it all combines into the CEO of software giant (SAP). Under his leadership the company has rose to the level of exceptional performance in field of software for accounting, sales management and manufacturing.
  8. Jerry Perenchio (Univision): With his control over Univision Communications he keeps nerves of the 40 million American Hispanics well in control. He has made Univision one of the most popular TV network among generation among 18 to 49 age groups.
  9. Robert Nardelli (Home Depot):  He joined the company in December, 2000 that was heading towards a trouble. He at that time made time some decisions that were criticized at that time but are now paying off when company’s third quarter sales has jumped to 13.1%.
  10. Gary Forsee (Sprint): After joining the company in March 2003, he made a revolution in sluggish telecom sector. He combined Sprint’s wireless and wireline business to make a company that can provide from everything from cellular to local phone service.

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