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No matter if studying for a master’s degree in management, have recently graduated, or have been working in the field for years, situations that you have never dealt with before are sure to arise. Before you bother your own manager or make a rash decision, why not look up the answer from someone who has been in the same mess? Although the internet can turn up a number of Wiki-answers for just about everything, there are reliable sources of information.

To help, we have gathered the top 30 management forums and message boards. They are frequented by everyone from students to the CEO and have loads of real life experience to draw from. (more…)

Today’s managers are always on the go. And that means that, more than ever, we rely on mobile communications tools and computers to keep us up to date on all that’s going on at the office, with our employees and with our clients. There are a wide variety of web apps for our computers and phones that can help us be more productive, as well as helping ensure that we’re always in touch. Here are 17 web apps we think will help make you a better manager. We’ve included apps for the Android, the iPhone and for you computer or USB drive as well.


If you want to hold a management position, the possibilities can be endless…in other words, what or who do you want to manage? The following 25 up-and-coming management blogs reflect the wide range of services and products that need management and managers, including community-building, cyber law, risk management, IT management, sports and call center management — just to name a few. These blogs are fresh, as they were created on or before March 2009. (more…)